FEMA Audit

Foreign Exchange Transactions Audit

The Company specializes in conducting Audit of cross border capital and current account transactions from FEMA perspective. Many a times it is observed that, Corporates undertake the transactions which are under Automatic Route without reporting them to RBI. Each and every capital account transactions such as Foreign Direct Investment, External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), Overseas Direct Investment, creating charge over immovable property in favour of Non Resident for ECB etc., requires specific reporting and other compliances.

For example, issue of Compulsorily Convertible Debentures (CCDs) requires that, terms of conversion are spelt out very clearly at the time of issuance and thereafter also any changes in such terms requires intimation to RBI and accordingly there are many other transactions and events which would require reporting to RBI.

The firm thus conducts FEMA health check up of entity to bring out the pending compliances, if any and assist in regularizing the same so that penal consequences can be minimized and mitigated.