Foreign Exchange Regulations (FEMA)

Shah & Modi offers end to end support services to Entities planning or having presence in India such as Company formation, incorporating or forming a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), compliance with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and procedures therein and Registration with Statutory Authorities wherever required such as Goods & Service Tax, Profession Tax and assisting in registration with labour laws authorities.

The firm’s expertise lies in providing Non Residents a - most effective entry strategy into India. Right from entity selection, selection of tax jurisdiction or opting between Branch versus Wholly Owned Subsidiary or assisting in forging alliance with Joint Venture Partner, all these has been our forte. The Firm also caters to the needs of business associates and partners in formalising their understanding by drafting Shareholders’ Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding or representing them in negotiation with their joint venture partner(s).

The Firm also advises Indian Corporates and Residents to establish business presence outside India or acquire various assets outside India in accordance with the applicable Indian laws. It also advises clients on the most tax efficient model and choosing appropriate tax jurisdictions for their outbound investments from India. The Firm has an expert team to advise on such transactions and handle related compliances.