Outbound Investment- Overseas Direct Investment

FEMA Regulations permit investment in overseas business venture up to 400% of Net Worth of Indian Company. In case of Resident Individuals the available limit is USD 250,000/- per year under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS).

Not only large corporate houses but even SME sector has taken benefit of this opportunity and spread their wings to have direct presence in overseas market, or to bridge supply chain gap by acquiring overseas entities.

Transfer by way of sale or disinvestment (involving write off) of Overseas Investment is permitted under automatic route subject to fulfilment of certain conditions. In case any of the conditions are not satisfied, prior permission of RBI would be required.

Our service offering in this segment includes, advising on FEMA regulations with respect to making overseas investments, assisting in completing reporting requirements for Overseas Investments by Indian Party and complying with other regulations relating to outbound investments.